TransCanada Trail

The Glenboro/South Cypress Trail Association has completed Phase I of their Trans Canada Trail project; 22km of new trail within the confines of Spruce Woods Provincial Park. Access to the trail may be gained directly across the road from the Kiche Manitou Campground entrance. Experience the natural beauty and surroundings that the Spruce Woods area has to offer!

The Assiniboine River Crossing issue is viewed as a major stumbling block in the completion of the TCT nationally.  A bridge over the Assiniboine is considered a key link in joining the trail system of the east and the west.  The TCT is a work in progress.  Some parts of the trail are open for use while other parts remain in an advanced state of completion.

Locally, the Glenboro/South Cypress Trail Association has 22 km of completed trail south of the Assiniboine in Spruce Woods Park.  The trail group has worked very hard on this project for four years and some work remains in order to fulfil our obligation of building the trail.  The TCT project is an excellent addition to recreational opportunities in Glenboro and South Cypress, and has already shown its potential to enhance tourism in the area.  More information on Manitoba’s progress on the TCT can be viewed online at