The Patricia Ladies Aid Centennial Quilt

The Patricia Ladies Aid was organized in 1937 by Mrs. L. Rogers, President; Mrs. W.B. Coates, Mrs. John Nairn, Mrs. J. Lockhart, Mrs. H. Kindree, Mattie Thornborough, Emma Thornborough, Mrs. Granny Baker (nee Mrs. S. Lalonde), Mrs. R. Brogden, Mrs. Bill Wilton, and Tish Drinkwater. Over the years many other hard workers joined the group.

The main objective of the group was to hold fundraising events.  The proceeds were donated to support the Glenboro United Church, as well as other community projects within the area.  I remember the women of the Patricia Ladies Aid as an energetic and enthusiastic team of ladies, who contributed many hours of hard work.  For example the members could be found serving food at community events, making patchwork quilts, or volunteering for the Red Cross during WWII.

In 1980 the Patricia Ladies Aid decided to make a centennial quilt.  They started off by selling sections of the quilt to community members, as another way to raise money.  Families were able to purchase a square of the quilt and have their family name embroidered on the material, as way to document their participation in the community’s history.  Once the project was complete, the entire quilt was auctioned off to the community.  Although there were many interested buyers of this beautiful piece of work, I was the lucky bidder.  Since that time my family and friends have had the opportunity to enjoy and admire this piece of history.  However we now feel that it is time for this piece of artwork to return to the members of the community.

It is with our greatest pride that the quilt has now become the property of the Burrough of the Gleann Museum as a memorial to the Patricia Ladies Aid, for everyone in the community to enjoy for years to come.

Lyall and Margaret Lalonde