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  • I used to play for one or two years with the Glenboro Senior Hockey team. I was the goaltender, and lived in Belmont, but travelled twice a week back and forth to the arena, if I could scrounge a car from someone. I believe the name of the team were the Chiefs, but unsure of that. We won the championship the one year I played. The winning championship jackets were green with white lettering. I have tried to bring it up on the net, but no such luck.  The year would be some where around 56/57/58. I was only 16 or so, but after every game, I got into the Glenboro Inn/hotel for a few drafts with the other players, who were a few years ahead of me in age. I even took a liking to a girl named Joan/Joanne Robertson or Roberts I think, and we had a few dates, I liked her and the feeling was mutual, but her father labelled me as a hockey bum, which I may have been, so that was broken off. The hockey was great and the town treated great, always liked your town and have been back a few times over the years, but only to pass by while going into Belmont. Don’t suppose that there are a whole lot of players around anymore, but if there is give me an email. (

    Bari Beggs

  • What a great web page. To look at the theater and main street and see how little everything has changed, was a walk through my childhood. Sure brought back some great memories. And “Hello”  Uncle Ken.

    Cindy Elsner (McCloy)

  • Wishing to say ‘hello’ to my old friends in Glenboro and District. I just finished reading  Glenboro’s  web-site, enjoyed it very much… A lot of familiar names are seen, still contributing as involved citizens, all these years. Wonderful!

    In October 1976, the Glenboro Veterinary Clinic was officially opened, with Veterinary Director Dr Jack McPhedran cutting the ribbon.

    That was  34 years ago this month (October, 2010), almost to the day…. golly, a life time ago… Don Foster and I were both there, with a lot of other  interested folks, sharing in that happy event. I recall that it was a bright, sunny day, the grass still very green.

    I can still remember doing bovine Caesarians in the back area of the new clinic, with my cow-patients secured firmly within  the stanchion.  It was a wonderful new facility, a delight to work in.

    Good to see that Sara and her supporters are doing so well. All the best, to Glenboro and District.

    John Coates
    Former Veterinary Surgeon
    Glenboro Veterinary District

  • Just wanted to Congratulate you on the opening of your new Fire Hall in Glenboro. I know it was a lot of hard work. It was really nice that Rick and Alex from Shoal Lake were able to attend, they tell me you have a beautiful Fire Hall. Congratulations!
    Debbie Eastcott
    Deputy Mayor
    Town of Shoal Lake
    Ph: 759-2210
    Fax: 759-3483
  • Sorry about no caps, arm broken, i really appreciate all the pictures, so soon. I was in glenboro untill fri morn. when i took a nasty fall, had to leave and go for surgery, so missed all this. but really enjoyed thur > at the fair ground. thanks again.

    Ev Green

  • Hello. Just visited Glenboro homepage. Was very happy to see the article on the new businesses, wish them all success and hope Glenboro can get some more. Take Care.

    Ken Joelson

  • Hello. Great pictures of a yurt – better than on the Dept of Conservation website. Thanks. I’ve forwarded your website address to a couple of friends (non-campers to this point) who were unfamiliar with yurts and were pleased with what they saw. We tried out one of the Spruce Woods yurts a couple of weeks ago on the recommendation of friends who enjoyed them. We plan to do it again. Just wish there wasn’t so much poison ivy next to the pathways.

    Jeannie Baker

  • My mother, Connie Smith grew up in Glenboro with her aunt Gertrude (Gertie) Doig and was friends with the Beech girls (Ruby). I am hoping to find some pictures of her in her younger years she was born in 1913.

    Min Wendel

  • This summer, I visted my parents, Bill and Rosemary Shackel. The area designated as a flower garden and sitting area beside the Co-op is gorgeous! The people who maintain the garden have done a fabulous job. It makes main street look clean, pretty, and peaceful. Great job!

    Colleen Carnevale

  • The new/old theatre looks great. Like the previous e-mails before mine, I also spent a lot of time there in my youth. Mrs. Foster always called me “her little sleepy head” because when the lights went out for the movie, so did I. She had to come back in one night because Mom was waiting for me outside and I never came out. I slept through every wonderful movie of the 50’s!! I may have to take in a movie this summer when I’m back to see all your hard work. And try to stay awake for one.

    Betty Duff (Dowd)

  • Wow wonderful job on theatre. Pics are great. Should be proud of what has being done. Look forward to taking in a show next time out.

    Ken Joelson

  • Great job done on the theatre, I used to work there as a young girl for the Foster’s and always go by when I am in town visiting family. I now live in Nova Scotia so don’t get there nearly as often as I would like to. Now I have the Web page to keep in touch.

    Jan Peck
    (Sharon Leader’s sister)