Economy/Mill Rates

The economies of Glenboro and the R.M. of South Cypress are based primarily in Agriculture.

The Rural Municipality of South Cypress consists of a number of mixed farms, including such crops as wheat, barley, oats, flax and canola.  Potatoes are also an important crop grown in the area.  Beef cattle, dairy herds and sheep are also raised in the Municipality.

Due to the dominance of agriculture in the region, the Village of Glenboro offers a number of services to fit the needs of the agriculture community.  Glenboro businesses supply farm machinery and technical services as well professional services for the farmer.

Next to Agriculture, Tourism is the second most important sector of the economy.  Glenboro, ideally situated in naturally beautiful surroundings, is well known as the “Gateway to Spruce Woods Provincial Park”. Kiche Manitou campground and beach and the Manitoba Desert offer tourists a wide variety of options for recreation and fun while visiting the area.  More information on Spruce Woods can be found on their website at:


R.M. of South Cypress



School Rates
Prairie Spirit S.D. #50

Provincial EducationSchool Division LevyTotal School Levy
Farm Land and OutbuildingsResidentialOtherNilNil11.36 mills15.23 mills15.23 mills15.23 mills15.23 mills15.23 mills26.59 mills

General Municipal

10.60 mills

Special Levies (where applicable)



Glenboro Rink
Stockton Street Lighting
Glenboro Community Hall
Cypress River Community Centre (Hall)
Cypress River Multi-Purpose Building (Rink)
Glenboro Gaiety Theatre
Wawanesa Water Park

0.80 mills
3.73 mills
0.11 mills
0.21 mills
0.25 mills
0.05 mills
0.71 mills




Village of Glenboro

Tax Levy


Rate  Commercial


Farm and Residential

Special Levy:
Prairie Spirit S.D. #50

Special Levies
L.I.D. Sewer Operating Charges

Manitoba Intergovernmental Affairs

Reserve Fund
Equipment Replacement

General Municipal

nil15.30  mills

5.00 mills

0.80 mills

1.35 mills

25.73 mills

11.40 mills15.30 mills

5.00 mills

0.80 mills

1.35 mills

25.73 mills


48.18 mills

59.58 mills