NFSC – Terms of Reference


Terms of Reference – October 9, 2012

1.       Background

The Facility Steering Committee’ (GCSNFSC) was created in October 2012 as a proactive initiative, to assist with the planning towards developing the next generation of recreation facilities in the Village Glenboro.

2.       Purpose

It will be the responsibility of the Glenboro South Cypress New Facility Steering Committee to investigate the need for the development of a new recreation facility(s) in Glenboro and provide a recommendation based on the findings of pre-design planning.

3.       Guiding Principles

The following principles will guide all decision made by the GSCNFSC:

  • The committee consider all options available (ie. design, location, partnerships)
  • The project must be justified
  • The project must be feasible
  • Thorough community consultation
  • Decisions should maximize community access and opportunity for all ages
  • Management plan that supports the facilities operation
  • Ensure the design reflects the needs that have been identified
  • Design to be practical, flexible, adaptable, multi-functional, energy efficient, and low maintenance
  • Ensure the facility can be sustained financially over the long term (ie. annual operating cost)
  • A good understanding of what functional programs will be conducted in the facility(s) once it is complete.
  • Identify potential site locations and identify a preferred site. Recommend a site
  • Project cost of proposed facility
  • Keep the community informed throughout pre-design planning
  • Recommend course of action and set time lines

4.       Expected Outcomes

  • A good understanding of what functional programs will be conducted in the facility(s) once it is complete.
  • Identify potential site locations and identify a preferred site. Recommend a site
  • Project cost of proposed facility
  • Keep the community informed throughout pre-design planning
  • Recommend course of action and set time lines

5.        Committee Composition

The committee will include the following community individuals:

Name                                                  Position Robert Gudnason                             Chairperson Wanda Jefferies                                Member Corey Forbes                                     Member Kevin Newton                                    Member Jurgen Schwarz                                 Member Lorelie Michell                                   Member Eric Plaetinck                                     Finance Jesse Janz                                           Town Councillor Glenn Dowd                                        R.M. Councillor Chris Tanasichuk                               Recreation Director/Secretary Mackenzie Murray                             Youth Rep Gabby Sawatzky                                  Youth Rep

6.       Officers

Chairperson Duties

  1. Serve as leader of the GSCNFSC
  2. Preside over meetings
  3. Prepare agenda for each meeting
  4. Act as the main spokesperson for the committee

Finance Duties

  1. To act as a resource with regards to municipal financing and local taxation
  2. To provide overall financial management advice

Town/RM Council Representative Duties

  1. To act as a liaison between the council and the committee
  2. To provide regular reports to the council on the committees progress

7.        Authority

The GSCNFSC is responsible to the Village of Glenboro and R.M of South Cypress.  The function of the committee is limited to the pre-design planning process as outlined in the scope of work. (see #12) All directions that are determined from this committee will be presented back to the Councils.  If the choice is to continue with the next stage of conceptual design, the committee will develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) to hire a design team to develop of an architectural program for the proposed facility(s). (conceptual plan)

8.       Frequency of Meetings

Regular meetings will be held on the first Sunday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Glenboro South Cypress Fire Hall.  Sub-committee meetings will be at the call of their respective chairs.  Special meetings may be called by the chair when required.

9.       Decision Making

The group will work to consensus on all matters. If after considerable effort the group is unable to come to consensus a vote will be held with 2/3 of those in attendance required to carry the decision forward.  A quorum will consist of 2/3 of GSCNFSC members.

10.    Distribution of Minutes

Minutes will be distributed to:

  • All committee members
  • Village/R.M, CAO

11.     Resources and Budget

The Village of Glenboro and RM of South Cypress have approved spending up $500 each to complete the pre design process.

12.     Scope of Work

The pre-planning process will include the following steps:

1.     Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment is a comprehensive information gathering process to identify and analyze whether a new facility(s) is required or whether the need can be satisfied in some other way.

The needs assessment will include the following tasks:

  • Local and regional demographics, present and projected
  • Review of past planning reports and document
  • Inventory of existing facilities, programs and services
  • Review of national, provincial, local trends in recreation including projections for the future
  • Survey the community to identify current and future needs
  • Meet with potential stakeholders identified in the survey
  • Develop a functional program that will identify activities to take place in the facility

2.     Feasibility

The feasibility study will examine the functional program so that any decision can be informed by objective analysis.  This step will thoroughly test the practicability of management options, facility components, location options, technical design options, social, economic and environmental sustainability and cost. The decision may be to implement, amend, refine or abandon some or all the functional program.

The feasibility study will include the following tasks:

  • Complete a market analysis
  • Ensure project is financial viability
  • Develop a draft management plan
  • Tour other rural facilities
  • Identify site locations
  • Development of a concept plan

13.    Formal reporting will be made back to the councils   at the following stages:

  1. Present the findings of the needs assessment and lay out the functional program
  2. Present the results of the feasibility study that will determine what will be included in the RFP for the conceptual design
  3. Final presentation to council complete with drawings, cost estimates, operating budget, etc.

14.    Planning Timeline

  1. October 2012 – GSCNFSC review and approve Terms of Reference
  2. November  2012 – November 2013 – Complete needs assessment
  3. December 2013 – Present findings to the Village/RM Councils
  4. December 2013 – Present functional program to the public
  5. May 2013 – October 2014 – Complete feasibility study and prepare final report and recommendations
  6. November, 2014 – Present findings and recommendations to the Town/RM Councils
  7. November, 2014 – Present final report and recommendations to the public