Glenboro Community Development Corporation Limited

Organizational Guide

January 2012 

Table of Contents   

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

Standing Committees

Operating Funds

Year End, Staff

Community Works Loans Program

Glenboro Community Development Corporation Limited

Mission Statement

“To foster the economic and social development of Glenboro and the surrounding Rural Area.”

Organizational Structure:  

The Glenboro Community Development Corporation was originally founded in 1965. At that time, shares were sold to individual community members who owned and controlled the activities of the corporation.

The GCDC was restructured in 1998. New By-laws were drafted to replace those out of date, and the individually owned shares of the corporation were gathered up and bought back by the GCDC (donated more like it). Under the new structure, the GCDC is comprised of Municipal Shareholders and Associate Members defined as follows:

A. Municipal Shareholders

Village of Glenboro

R. M. of South Cypress

These two municipal corporations at present contribute approximately $9,000.00 towards the operation of the CDC annually. Both corporations have a representative sitting on the Board of Directors. Wayne Davidson and Earl Malyon represent the Village and R.M. Councils respectively.

B. Associate Members: 

An associate member is defined as any active, paid individual or business. Current yearly membership fees are as follows:

Individual:                     $30.00

Small Business:             $50.00

Business:                      $100.00

Associate Memberships generate an estimated $6,000.00 annually.

Board of Directors

The GCDC itself is comprised of a Board of Directors established per By-Law 1/98.

The Board of Directors (commonly referred to as the Executive) generally meets on the third Tuesday or Wednesday of the month from September to June, taking time off during the summer months.  Meetings are held in the R.M. of South Cypress Council Chambers or the GCDC office beginning at 7:00 p.m.  The GCDC Office is located at 237 Broadway Street, Glenboro.

The current members of the Board of Directors are as follows:

 Board of Directors 

President:                                                       Leanne Gates


Past President                                                Curt Wytinck



Village Representative

R.M. Representative

Development Officer                                      Bryan Mintenko


One member per standing committee

Business & Industry                                       Steve Nelson

Museum                                                           Ernestine Sepke

Properties                                                        Curt Wytinck

Theatre (sub-committee of the Properties Committee)

Other Officers may be appointed as required by the Board to fulfill the mandate of the Directors and perform such duties as required.

Not less than six (6) and not more than fifteen (15) Directors shall constitute the Board of Directors and shall manage the affairs of the Corporation.

A Director shall be an associate member of the Corporation and be a resident of the Glenboro area.

Standing Committees: 

Business and Industry Committee (Agriculture, Economic Development, Mercantile)


¨      Liaison with elected officials including farm organizations and politicians, (i.e.: KAP)

¨      Become knowledgeable and proactive in the politics related to agriculture

¨      Investigate diversification and expansion program opportunities

¨      Investigate local value added processing opportunities (i.e.: abattoirs, sunflower processing  plant)

¨      Encourage and support existing Agricultural Service businesses in the community

¨      Encourage community participation in development

¨      Foster social/economic development

¨      Identify the needs of the community and relate to these needs

¨      Actively research possible new businesses and people.

¨      Provide support to potential business people.

¨      Identify local strengths and build on them (i.e. aquifer, junction of #2 and #5 highway, school, hospital etc.)

¨      Coordinate Community Works Loans Program

¨      Encourage “shop local”

¨      Provide workshops for businesses (i.e. greet the public, promotions etc….)

Chairperson                 Vacant

Properties Committee 

A committee of five or six persons, one of who sits on the Board of Directors.

Property owned by the GCDC includes the Kinsmen Hall, Glenboro Gaiety Theatre, Sara the Camel, and Camel Park.


¨      Provide ongoing maintenance for all properties owned and operated by the Corporation, namely the Kinsmen Hall, Gaiety Theatre and Camel Park

¨      Daily operations of the Community Hall

¨      Hire and supervise a Custodian for the Kinsmen Hall

¨      Maintain current Hall rental agreements

Chairperson:                 Curt Wytinck

Museum Committee

A committee of five or six persons one of who sits on the Board of Directors.


¨      Ongoing operation of the “Burrough of the Gleann Museum and Archives”

¨      Maintain the building and inventory

¨      Coordinate volunteer and summer staff during tourist season

Chairperson:                 Ernestine Sepke

Tourism  Committee

Day to day tourism issued to be dealt with by the Economic Development Officer.  Larger tourism events to be co-ordinated with the GCDC


·        Promote tourism in the community

·        Liaison with the Friends of Spruce Woods and the Spruce Woods Provincial Park

·        Maintain current public relation materials (i.e. brochures, postcards, etc.)

·        Responsible for promotional items and their distribution

EDO – Bryan Mintenko


The Glenboro Community Development Corporation derives its’ operating funds from many sources.

The Village of Glenboro and R.M. of South Cypress contribute approximately $8,000.00 financially to the operations of the corporation. This is broken down as follows:

Operating:                       R.M. South Cypress $1,150.00            Village of Glenboro $4,869.00

Community Hall:               R.M. South Cypress $3,722.00            Village of Glenboro $4,465.00

Gaiety Theatre:                 R.M. South Cypress $2,655.00            Village of Glenboro $2,916.00

Yearly individual and business memberships are sold in January and generate approximately $6,000.00 annually.

The Community Hall and Theatre both generate revenue that is in turn used to offset operating costs.

Individual committees occasionally generate funds by sponsoring raffles, socials and the like. All monies raised by individual committees are added to their yearly budget.

Funding for special projects (i.e.: Hall, Museum & Theatre renovations) often comes from both fundraising activities and grant programs.


The corporation year-end is October 31st. Budgets for the upcoming year are due from each Standing Committee in November. Yearly revenues are estimated at this time and budgets are awarded accordingly.

The GCDC normally hosts their Annual General Meeting in the spring of each year.  The GCDC year in review, Presentation of the Annual Resident of Distinction, refreshments and a short presentation by a guest speaker rounds out the evening. The A.G.M. is held in the Glenboro Community Hall.


The Treasurer is the only paid GCDC position.

As mentioned the Village of Glenboro and R.M. of South Cypress appoint members to the Board of Directors. All other members are volunteers.

The Development Officer, Chris Tanasichuk (also the Spruce Lakes Recreation Director) is a Village and R.M. employee who works closely with the GCDC. She is involved on a casual basis with most committees and is directly involved with the Business and Industry Committee, the Glenboro Gaiety Theatre and Tourism.

With the assistance of a Provincial or Federal grant, the GCDC is able to hire a student for July and August. This student works at the Museum and doubles as a Tourist Booth Operator. If a partial grant is received, the remaining funds are accessed from either the Tourism or Museum committee’s budget. The Tourist Information Centre is located within the confines of the Burrough of the Gleann Museum on Broadway Street.

Glenboro Community Works Loans Program – Terminated in the Spring of 2012

The Glenboro Community Works Loans Program was established in 1997 to provide a source of locally administered venture capital to partially finance the start-up or expansion of small business venture in the Glenboro area. The CWLP is a creature of, and is administered by, the GCDC.

Funding for this program is provided at the Provincial and local level. The Province of Manitoba matches funding revenues two-to-one.  The initial loan pool was $54,000 ($18,000 of which represents CDC funds raised, the balance financed by the Province). The majority of local capital placed into the program has been provided by the Village of Glenboro and R.M. of South Cypress although Westoba Credit Union and the Royal Bank have both contributed working capital during.

Entrepreneurs could apply for up to $10,000 in funding to either start-up a new business venture or to expand an existing business in the Glenboro area. Businesses could be part-time, seasonal or full time in nature.

Loans were amortized over a maximum period of five (5) years at a rate of prime plus one percent with the prime rate established by Westoba Credit Union at the time of application. Applicants may apply to the GCDC to defer their first payment for up to six months in order to get their business up and running.

The GCDC Executive would meet as required to review loan applications.

The Economic Development Office and local Accountant Sandra Hamilton administered the paper work and funds on behalf of the CDC. Both Sandra and Chris had loan applications on hand and could assist applicants in the application procedure.


 “I believe that the fate of any given small town will not be decided by its’ location in the state or its’ access to water or highways or resources, or other objective characteristics. These factors can help or hurt economic survival.

But the essential ingredient is something human, something unpredictable and immeasurable. It is that elusive thing we call LEADERSHIP.

Leadership is vision – some notion of where the future lies and how to get there.

Leadership is guts – the willingness to step up to hard decisions, take risks, step on toes and maybe to fall flat on your face in trying.

Leadership is looking in the mirror and saying, “It’s up to me.”

You do not have to be a leader. You just have to care and decide to do something, and to enlist like-minded people in the doing. In my view that’s what small towns need to survive: the spark of leadership by committed local people willing to risk failure to reach success….”

Author Unknown